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Sandcastles Program for Children

Sandcastles Program for Children

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Sandcastles, authored by M. Gary Neuman MS LMHC, is a nationally recognized class program to help children cope with the divorce of their parents. All children of divorce will benefit, from both married and unmarried families.

When children meet with peers who are going through a similar experience, kids usually emerge with a newfound sense of confidence, hope, and community. They realize that they are not alone, that it is normal to feel anxious, angry, sad, and confused about their parent's separation and divorce. Sandcastles uses a range of innovated techniques designed to help children through this process.

Please Note: We are no longer offering the Sandcastles Program.

Sandcastles strives to help children:

  • Understand their feelings are normal and that they are not alone.
  • Express their thoughts and feelings productively in a neutral, supportive environment.
  • Understand how divorce affects them and learn skills to handle their reactions to it.
  • See problems differently and create coping skills that lead to life changes related and unrelated to divorce.
  • Understand that many types of families are possible.

The Sandcastles program is a three hour one time group session. We currently offer Sandcastles™ in Lee County, Florida. This Course fulfills the requirements of the administrative order for the 20th Judicial Circuit.

About the Children's Divorce Class

Sandcastles is a counterpart class program of our Parenting and Divorce live classes and our Court Ordered Parenting Class Online programs. Sandcastles is a required class for minor children whose parents are divorcing. The divorce and children class fulfills the court ordered requirements of the 20th Judicial Circuit.

How Sandcastles is Structured
Children participate in small, interactive groups with others their own age. The groups are arranged, according to ages: 6-8, 9-12 and 13-17 years old. To make the Sandcastles™ experience comfortable and enriching, trained facilitators use a variety of activities; role playing, videos, plays, group discussions, and workbook activities.

Why Should Your Child Attend?
Whether Parents are married or unmarried, children experience a variety of emotions ranging from confusion, guilt, and abandonment to loneliness and uncertainty. At any age a child may not understand why parents separate and divorce. A child or adolescent may also feel responsible, and be unsure of the future. Sandcastles™ is a program to help children understand and cope with these feelings in a safe and supportive environment with other children who are experiencing the same feelings.

An Assurance to Parents
It is not the intent of the program or the group facilitators to place blame on any parent. Group facilitators are encouraged not to lecture or give advice. Rather, they provide a healthy atmosphere that encourages children to develop their own attitudes and solutions.

Registration for this class is Closed